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Super Mario World
It's mario, 96 exits wow - Cape just trivializes most of the game what were they thinking when they designed it

Updated about 3 days ago

☆☆★★★ It's fine, has some cool levels and some very boring auto scrollers/waiting segments. Special world wasn't very fun honestly
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
Turnabout Reclaimed, Investigation 2 done - You thought you could trick me, but no! I can see right through your petty ruse!

Updated about 1 week ago

☆★★★★ All of this tragedy, it was all because of the *cue music* DARK AGE OF THE LAW. What could possibly save us from this nightmare?!? Therapy.
Higurashi: When They Cry Hou: Ch.7 Minagoroshi
Chapter 9 - ………………Au…

Updated about 1 week ago

★★★★★ 「もうすぐ終わる。全部、終わる。……そう、ひぐらしのなく頃に。」A worthy successor to Tatarigoroshi. Don't be afraid! If we don't want to go to Abilene, we don't have to go! Unfortunately, we do have to learn a little ventriloquism instead.
Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack: Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings
Atelier Borthayre.... you will regret the day you crossed us 😡 - If Sue jumps 10 times, Lydie will get stronger and we'll become more popular.

Updated about 1 month ago

★★★★★ synthesis miles better than firis thank god, the material collecting just as good (which was firis's strength) I'm excited for more
Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
18F, Chain/Shield/Omnimancer/Master/Poisoner - Now I'm a fan of a new RPG series, oops... - Open the floodgates, it's time to finish those MAPS.

Updated about 2 months ago

Kirby and the Forgotten Land
72% - Imagine being a Waddle Dee, doomed to live within a birdcage. Suddenly, a savior: shuffling towards you, it's... Water Balloon Kirby?

Updated about 4 months ago

☆★★★★ Kirby casually rampaging through the ruins of a dystopian apocalypse, what else is new?
Professor Layton and the Last Specter
Chapter 3 done, 23 puzzles - Lil' baby Luke - Same old gameplay loop, but it flows more dynamically than ever before. Environments are nice too.

Updated about 4 months ago

☆★★★★ So far, keeping the trend of Layton games being better than the one before it. Still a few garbage puzzles here and there, but that's Layton for you. Most of them are pretty good.
Bravely Default
Chapter 2: One Day, Beneath a Blue Sky - Die rote Walküre - I was craving a FF5-style game, this doesn't replace it but it's a cool spin.

Updated about 4 months ago

★★★★★ Cool game, apart from all the weird 3DS gimmicks they used. Luckily, they're optional, but the game would have been much better if those mechanics were reworked.
Grim Fandango Remastered
Year 1 done - This game is no match for me, I'm a certified genius! - Fun adventure game with a little of the typical problems the genre can have.

Updated about 5 months ago

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Look out strong winds!!! - What is this voice acting lol. - The mechanics are creative, but I don't think they're especially good.

Updated about 6 months ago

☆☆☆★★ It's too abstract to be strategic. Spaces don't matter, time doesn't matter, there's weird semi-action moments... I'm not opposed to expermentation (see atelier), but this is not a successful example.
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
22:32, Border/Dead Man's Mire - Berkut is SUCH a good character, oh my god. His voice actor sounds like he's having a real breakdown, gives me chills.

Updated about 6 months ago

★★★★★ Really cool, best story presentation in the series. I love Fire Emblem, and it's great to play the old games (1-3) without the menus taking years. I hope FE4 is next, even though I've played it a ton! They could really boost that story to the level it deserves.
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
4:03, Chapter 10: Princess Minerva - With renewed motivation to play every FE, I'm flying through at warp speed (literally, because you get 21 uses)

Updated about 7 months ago

☆★★★★ It's more fun when it doesn't move at ~25% speed like FE1-3 did. I sent Jagen to the arena for no reason, he died and I don't care, sorry dude. This game throws endless resources in your face, sometimes it's baffling this series had a reputation for being "hardcore", unless everybody was playing on hard mode the first time. But I also understand; people have FOMO and fear softlocking/permadeath. Hopefully it's seen differently these days, I'd love if more people tried it, it's not so bad! ❤
Slay the Spire
Ascension: 6-4-4-3 - Been working on this here and there, heart's been beaten with everyone!

Updated about 8 months ago

Golden Sun: The Lost Age
At long last, I have returned to the sea. - Finally gathered up all three parts, should be about done with this segment.

Updated about 9 months ago

☆★★★★ If you want to go to the stars, if you want to go to the stars...
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
6:20:30, 130.5%, Cave - HMM... A SWITCH! WHY DON'T I PRESS IT AND SEE?

Updated about 9 months ago

★★★★★ Absolutely gorgeous set pieces, I see where La-Mulana 2 got some inspiration. The music too, so good. This is a perfect sort of style for me: a quick romp fighting a ton of cool enemies in pretty levels with crazy good music.
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Traversed the lake, only got crushed a few times. Have a fun new party member to blow people up with! - This game is wild, I absolutely love it.

Updated about 9 months ago

★★★★★ Playing this one first 'cause I don't want to set up the PSP right now and supposedly the stories aren't directly related. - I genuinely like the writing/story/dialog so far, it's not too common for me to say that about an RPG. Fayt is such a chump lol - My money!! My moooneeeeeey!!!! AAAAaaaaaAAAaaaghghghgh
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
Time to go mining, I really like this crystal mechanic! - Gonna burn through this, it's been on my plate long enough.

Updated about 9 months ago

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes
Azure Gleam, Part 2 Start - Nice that we got half of their soldiers and they got none of ours. Isn't diplomacy great?

Updated about 1 year ago

★★★★★ Unlike Age of Calamity, which had an intentionally silly story, this game feels like a genuine reinterpretation of Three Houses's world. The politics seem to be more in-depth than FE16, which I very much am enjoying. The gameplay also feels better than in HW:AoC, and that game's combat was by no means bad!

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about 11 months ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Yes I am, it's my vacation game. Just beat No Man's Sky as well, so a double coincidence! Enjoying GS so far.