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All achievements done! Took 79 hours to complete with all achievements! Achievements: 56 / 56 (100%)

Updated about 4 days ago

☆★★★★ As someone who's always loved space games this game was a lot of fun. Going from planet to planet so seamlessly and so much to explore on the varies planets along with their unique resources and unique dangers each planet represents. The caves underground on vast where you can easily get lost and die if you don't have a way to have a good source of CO2. It's even more fun in multiplayer when you have some to come along for the ride with you and even more fun when both players have a hoverboard.
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Need to learn to speed run first or second game. First game got in game time of 1 hour and 52 minutes for 120% Achievements: 105 / 105 (100%)

Updated about 7 days ago

☆☆★★★ If they put more care into the PC port it would of been perfect but having to go from 60 fps to 30 fps just to get though a door cause the Green Druids doesn't know how to open it anymore in Alpine Ridge
Currently waiting for next update to be released Achievements: 60 / 90 (67%)

Updated about 1 week ago

☆★★★★ Hands down one of my favorite games, I love ocean exploration games like Subnautica and this is another fun game where there is no limit to what you can build. Plenty of stuff to find and build. Only bad part is that bird that drops rocks are on your head even when you think you're far enough away and it's hit box is a bit off or that could be my bad aim with the bow. Would recommend playing with a friend or partner so you have to watch out for that bl00dy shark! Boyfriend also approves!

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