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Kid Icarus: Uprising
I have completed alot of this game and if i get stuck i just go online!!!

Updated about 6 years ago    |    Online Info Name is: Scotty-Man

★★★★★ Kid Icarus is back after 25 Years, ohh how long i have been waiting for this day to come. This game is in one word "AMAZING". The graphics are so clear and the colors are so bright, i have never played a 3DS game so good. The games chapters are split into 3 section. The first one is you start in the air shooting down enemy's and then you go on land and then at the end of the chapter you fight a Boss. For certain the best part of the game. And for people who like online his game is made
I have made an amazing house on this game and a underground tunnel going to the Core of the Terraria world!

Updated about 6 years ago

★★★★★ If you have ever heard of Minecraft, Terraria is pretty much a 2D version of the game. personally i think Terraria is better even though it is 2D. With nearly 350 items available to Craft. The aim of Terraria is to build a sustainable house and then protect it over night from evil Zomies, Skeletons and lots more. Whiles you also Mine for resources which you then use to create your house and even make furniture.
Altitude - Demo
This game is awesome and even though it says DEMO there no difference between this and the full version!

Updated about 6 years ago    |    Online Info Name is: scottshep100

★★★★★ This game is a 2D dodge fighting like Aircraft battle game. But you don't just battle you can play a football match and lots of different modes. You can play online with your friends. I would recommend this to anyone who has a computer and is able to download it for FREE!!!!

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