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Russian Subway Dogs Ownership: Other

Updated about 1 day ago

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Ownership: Other
100% complete (online). Have a bunch of extra tasks to do for the platinum (eg. acquiring all weapons).

Updated about 6 days ago

Horizon Chase Turbo (English subs) PAL
World Tour 35% complete

Updated about 2 weeks ago

Sound Shapes (Crossbuy with PS3 and PS4) Ownership: Other
Playing this on PS4 so I can use my Japanese account to earn trophies. Main Campaign and Beat school finished, doing Death Mode now.

Updated about 1 month ago

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception
Fifth battle completed

Updated about 1 month ago

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth JPN Ownership: Other
Random seed that I like: 6AYB 1RMS

Updated about 4 months ago

World of Final Fantasy
Restarted on my main account, because trophies. Plus I figured out how to get the US DLC working on my JP account. (Previously: 9 hours, chapter 7)

Updated about 6 months ago

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory (English subs) PAL
Start of Chapter 3. Decided to play this monster training game, since the developers actually put effort into it

Updated about 2 years ago

Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution JPN
Chapter 1. Looking for Nial in Bose. Physical copy + translation patch = happy Fwibby.

Updated about 2 years ago

Trails of Cold Steel II
Horsey time

Updated about 2 years ago

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about 5 days ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Well except for the post game content, I collected everything and filled out the entire journal.

Justin: Aren't you impressed?

I'm soitenly not gon' jump into IX right away, but... can't wait to play it. It seems to have gotten purdy good buzz.

There's a Mega Man cratoon episode called Cold Steel. More like Trails of Cold Steel!
about 1 week ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
$400 to play your Shteam games on the go? Shounds like quite the fee. Well I'm shore it has its uses, but like wit' the Evuhcade, looks to be more o' a novelty. Can't wait to get thirty articles and videos about how "it's the Shwitch killuh YOU'VE been waitin' fer!" or "Move over, Shwitch, there's a new kid in town!" or "Fuggit about the Shwitch, get the Shteam Deck instead!" Etc., etc., etc.

I mean... $400? That's a new bashic deshktop computer, or almost a new laptop.

Addendum: I'm sure it comes as a shock to nobody, but the proposed "Switch killer" has been sold out and is now being scalped. Not that I was gonna buy one, but man, we truly live in a hellscape. Thanks to those fools glorifying PS5 scalpers, we're now gonna get more.

Well it took four years, but I'm finally about to finish Ys VIII. Glad I'm finally doing it, but man, did it really need to be this... how should I put this, bloated? Like this is a PS2 Level-5 game? Maybe it's just me.
about 2 weeks ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
My wish for Star Road? "I want to be a great SHMUP player like my pal MrFwibbles."

My current gaming stuff:

For a while I've been feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff I can replay, or the amount of shooters I can play, stuff like that. Well I think I finally realized something.

Unlike most other people, I actually played a lot of these games years ago. Before classic gaming got super popular (let's say, pre-2013), I dabbled in plenty of 8 - 32 bit RPGs (action or not.) I finally realized... I don't really think I need to go through the trouble of going through certain games again. I played through Wild Arms back in 2007 (or 8), and I actually tried playing it again last year before I was like "Eh... the memories are there, yeah, but... I'm good." That's what it's like with most games I try to replay nowadays.

I had borrowed the PS Classic recently. First of all, the PS Classic is as flawed as they say. Really oddball choices, they should have done better with it. Second, the opportunity to play Wild Arms again is present and it's the same thing as when I played it last year. With all these games I got to replay, the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it really is necessary. Do I really wanna play Light Crusader again, for example? Do I really need to bother playing FF VIII or IX again on the Switch? I feel like I've been torturing myself this entire time. I mean yeah, five years can pass and the need to play a game again might arise, but again, I've already played so much of them. You know I actually played through Secret of Mana four times? I could've played the EU version of Switch, but didn't need to.

As for shooters... I'm gonna step back from them. Despite what I said above about wanting to be a great SHMUP player like you, I'm going to focus on shooters less. What made me decide this was trying to go through Super Star Soldier and how it sends you back to the beginning of the stage if you have lives left over if you crash while your lives icon isn't gold. Like... I get it. I can like shooters all I want, and even discuss 'em with you, but I think I'm good. I'll just play the ones I like already and not constantly seek them out like before.

Anyway... since thinking differently, I've been playing Ys VIII and DQXI. This is a nice balance, getting back to long games and just taking it easy. I know, nobody is twisting my arm to replay that 40 hour RPG, but it's really been more of a me problem and I think I'm getting better.
about 2 weeks ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Really? Wow... we really have reached that point. Come to think o' it, the Wii turns 15 this year. Ah, fifteen years of penis jokes, "Wii would like to play", and everybody making fun o' it for not having borefests like Uncharted and Mass Effect on it. Now we've gotten to the point where people are appreciating it.

Hmm. Hey, Fwibblemon, didja know the PlayStation version of Strikers 1945 has different audio than the Saturn version? I actually saw the PSX version in the wild months back but passed on it 'cause... ya know... Switch. Buuuuut... do ya think the game is better on PSX or Saturn?

Began realizing the RetroBit SEGA controller is great for shooters, so I began using it more. Even better, it can be used for the Toibografx Mini, though it's at the risk of ruining the authenticity of playing on the system without actually using a Toibografx controller.

If you could be in a shooter, shipless, what would you want it to be? You soaring the skies like in Sol Divide or on-foot like in Elemental Master?
about 2 weeks ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Now Fwibbs, I know Sony is scummy now but that's no raisin to put 'em down like that.

Preordered Ys IX on Switch but I'm having second thoughts about it. Even when I don't take everything you said about it into consideration, it'll just be another game I'll play for half an hour, shelf, then lose interest. I oughta do what I did with Astalon, which is download the demo, play somma it, then be satisfied enough with it, especially when I consider that I've saved money. I really do want a new game, however, so I dunno. I still think I'd be better off without it... that's why I canceled my preorder and put the $5 towards the Game & Watch Zelda thang instead. That'll be a must have.

Recently they put Raiden on the eShop. Ah... I remember Raiden. Before I really got into shooters, The Raiden Project served as a good introduction. Like I said 'fore, though. Once ya play Sonic Wings 2 and Strikers 1945, Raiden just pales in comparison... though I'll admit, the Genesis version might not be bad to own.

Maybe it's time Square rereleased Einhander. Then again I already have a copy... I oughta finish that sometime.

Addendum: You have in your hands one of the most exciting arcade racing games of this generation. Horizon Chase Turbo is a wicked good time, and you have it on the Vita, making it very portable.


So... ya think New Super Mario Brothers Wii is retro by this point?
about 4 weeks ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Hi Fwibbs. Are ya doin' the Four Jorb Festival too? I've seen some people on here doin' it. I dunno what it is about, maybe it's like a Nuzlocke or whatever it is people like doing.

Maaaan... when are we gon' get the SNES FF trilogy on Switch? They've been puttin' so many of their archival software that it's inevitable. Think about it: official translations o' Live-A-Live, Emerald Dragon, Bahamut Lagoon... what was I saying? Oh yeah FF. With SaGa and Mana getting time in the spotlight, Square's in a better place than they were in the PS3 days... although I heard their recent E3 showin' wasn't very good.

I recently rewatched Konami at E3 2010 (one meelein twoops.) That sure was a crapshow, a low point of the company fer sure. It's also funny how when they were talkin' 'bout Otomedius (oh-to-meh-dee-us, I'm certainly) they were mentioning Parodius like people watching 'em knew what they were talkin' 'bout. You guys never released one in the West. Maybe that was fer the hardcore fans? Either way it seemed odd. Have you played Oto by the way? Looks almost as unremarkable as ARC Gradius III, and the weeaboo look don't do it any favors.
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