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剣が君 for V JPN
(ken ga kimi) - idk if my language skills are up to par for this one, but i'm gonna give it a shot anyway.

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about 4 years ago

Backlog Beaten: September 16, 2020
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Thank you so much! I hope you had a great weekend, I finally beat a boss in Metal Gear, so I'm honestly thrilled (it took far too many tries)
about 4 years ago

Backlog Beaten: September 16, 2020
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
10 is one of my favourite games, I can't really think of a game's romance story I liked more.

I've been meaning to play it for awhile, but I played another game by the same studio- 'Severed' and I absolutely loved it. Guacamelee is also really amazing, there's a ton of cute little references to other games, a great plot, and really nice music. I can't wait for the second one!

If it's okay, may I add you to my Multitap?
about 4 years ago (edited)

Backlog Beaten: January 29, 2015
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
extensive use of vibrators can cause one to be less sensitive, which, depending on your preference & predisposition, can be a bad or good thing. I'm also aware meds lower libido a lot (to the point of eradicating it entirely), so for me that's also a no-go. The worst case scenario I can think of, though: meds not working at all, and thus becoming much more depressed and anxious because they are not working at all, haha. And since my anxiety/depression is exacerbated a LOT by stress generally & certain stressors (events related to moving out has caused quite a lot of it), it makes me more likely to want to fix a problem rather than live with the problem, if that makes sense? It also makes me feel like I need it less that it comes and goes and I'm still able to be perfectly happy and carefree for weeks at a time, sometimes. E.g. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Also, expenses. But thanks so much for sharing! I'm still fairly certain I won't start them for reasons listed, but this is good to know in case I ever need to. I must admit I hate feeling like I have no option or agency wrt treatment. I feel like not being on meds rn is the best choice atm, and maybe even last year when I felt the most terrible (admittedly by a stretch), since that led me to make changes that made me feel better in the long run. I hope as a fellow sufferer you're supportive of this--I've grown tired of a scattered discourse about needing to do A or B and/or C if you suffer from X mental illness w/o acknowledging the disadvantages (and sometimes dealbreakers) for each. Out of curiosity, do you attend counselling on top of meds? I don't, for various reasons, but I've tried before, and it seems overpriced and shammy (esp if your problems are caused by other people, it tends to be billed as sth you yourself should fix). And if it's OK I might also ask in the future about Becca switching meds... I hear that can be rough. Sorry for the ramble, I hope it all makes sense!

Eeeeey!! Tell me how the PS4 Shadow of the Colossus goes!

Thanks!! I should get onto it soon. Yes, Dropsy. If you prompt me I will say EVEN MORE about it. Have you played many point n' clicks before? If you have then it's definitely one to play. And if you ever do I can always help with hints. )
about 4 years ago

Backlog Beaten: January 29, 2015
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
Paired with that. I'll also send a pic of the dress I'm making now! A few days ago I realised it would be Valentines day soon, and that I wouldn't have anything to wear that kupo hasn't seen on me, so I'm making this 50s Butterick slim-fitting dress, with a cascade drape at one hip and two darts under each bust. It's got a highish scoop neckline with notches in it. Bc it's supposed to hug the body & I can get it to fit right I'm happy not to alter the neckline, bc the cut itself is flirtatious. I did want to try it with a different bodice later though--a sleeveless princess seam style, maybe with a shoulder drape...? I've also got this hat I brought from a 50s, and a brooch of lovebirbs Kupo bought me for me birthday. Anyway, if I get it looking good, I'll be sure to show you! I'm not an expert but ofc you can ask me next time you try sewing!! Gosh, did you handstitch the curtain?? (Also taking the memo that IKEA has fabric! Is it very cheap?)

Ah, maybe I was too hard on CMBYN and it was just the first page that was terrible. Kupo and I quote from it to each other sometimes. A particular favourite is "an unslaked likeness of thirst." Honestly, I wouldn't have gone seen it if I'd known everyone but the director was straight. I swear to god Timothee set an alarm off on my gaydar. The "new entry to the gay canon" thing is odd to me bc it seems like it doesn't even qualify. Also the author is a tool, and has said some pretty stupid things about the sex scenes that seem to hide some homophobia re: gay sex.

It makes sense, don't worry. *hugs tight*

Nah, it's not embarrassing at all. I'm always happy to talk about sex, in great detail--think it's healthy to, and conductive to better sex--but you can always take it to PM if you need to! I remember hearing about that in Tumblr chat, actually, so, the vibrator helped you orgasm finally??? Yeah!!!!! You should totally do the Hakuoki fanfic--I never found any of the games or men in it very arousing, but it'd be cool to see how other people found it. I'd tried using a massager before, but there was too much pressure, and I experienced some pain, then numbness. Kupo tried getting me a dedicated vibrator to play with, but it's lost in transit somewhere, and I much prefer he gets me off with other, organic implements of his, which he can, and does! Vibrator was mostly for sex positions in which it's too fiddly for either of us to touch my clitoris. Oh, and note that I've found that commonly