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Minecraft Story Mode
[πŸ•”N/A] Beggining the game right at the moment

Updated about 1 day ago

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Season 9 - The Future Is Yours Subscription
[πŸ•”N/A] Account's level : 257 | Season's level: 40 | Fortbyte: 55/100 | Utopia Challenges: 5/11 | Currently doing Week 6 and Horde Rush's Challenges Achievements: 70 / 100 (70%)

Updated about 1 day ago    |    Online Info Epic Games ID: Ynini | PSN ID: Ynini-Kun

[πŸ•”N/A] Account level: 101 | Current Main Quest: Six Minutes | Events Quests: Dennosaur & Vision | Collection Book level: 63 & 8/29 completed Achievements: 24 / 46 (52%)

Updated about 1 day ago    |    Online Info PSN ID: Ynini-Kun

Forza Horizon 2 Household
[πŸ•”2H30] General progress: 5.5% | 1/10 Treasure found | 38/150 Panels destroyed | 138/315 Roads found | 5/55 Collector's Challenges done Achievements: 14 / 50 (28%)

Updated about 6 days ago    |    Online Info Xbox Live ID: Ynini

Motorcycle Club
[πŸ•”N/A] I still don't know why I began this game but so far the control are a real mess Achievements: 11 / 51 (22%)

Updated about 2 weeks ago    |    Online Info PSN ID: Ynini-Kun

The Binding of Isaac
[πŸ•”19H54] I haven't really play this version since I have this game. I have mostly played Rebirth but I feel "oldschool" these days Achievements: 24 / 99 (24%)

Updated about 2 weeks ago    |    Online Info Steam ID : yninikun

PokΓ©mon: Rumble Rush Ownership: Other
[πŸ•”3:52] Adventurer Rank Level: 7 | Kanto Dex: 43/151 | Jotho Dex: 1/127 | Sinnoh Dex: 0/138 | Current Area: Charizard Sea

Updated about 2 weeks ago    |    Online Info Google Play Games : Ynini | Nintendo Network ID: Ynini-San

Somnus : Nonogram Puzzle Ownership: Other
[πŸ•”N/A] Story Mode : Chapter 2-2 | Normal 10x10 : 43/150 | Normal 15x15 : 1/80 | Normal 20x20 : 0/30 Achievements: 3 / 13 (23%)

Updated about 2 weeks ago    |    Online Info Google Play Games : Ynini

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about 6 days ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I know what that's like. I've had depressive episodes since I was 15. I had a few years where everything was going great, but the past few years I've gone through some things which made me develop some trust issues, and I started lashing out at people I actually care about. I'm getting better at that. I just need to work through the anxiety, now.

I think I started watching anime when I was just going into high school, so it was right before I needed a coping mechanism. I was a bit of an edgy teenager, so when I found Bleach I thought it was so rad. It had that punk aesthetic going for it, and I was way into that, even though I only listened to, like, two punk bands, lol.

Is this what you're talking about? [Link]
about 1 week ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Sounds rough. What type of illness was it, if you don't mind me asking? I've never really been consistent with my themes, I've been here about seven years on and off, and I always change my theme through a burst of inspiration, or boredom. It's very restricting, but It's a creative outlet in of itself, in it's own weird way.

That song cracks me up, man. I couldn't believe it was the official song when I first heard it, and it made it so much better.
about 2 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
No worries. I'm not too worried if you don't respond quickly. It seems a lot of people tend to forget about MAL. I don't watch a whole lot of shows, as of late, so I only go o it when there's something to actually do. Shield Hero is on the list now.

New theme is nice! m/ [Link]
Long as the voice inside me says go, I will always keep on running...