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Kirby Star Allies
Wolrd 2 - Starting off interestingly, like the allies.

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WarioWare Gold
On to Dribble and Spitz games, still loving this game, feels like a sort of HD Remix of the past games plus some.

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Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal -Demo review-

Soooo I just played the demo for Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal….and my feeling are slightly mixed on the matter, like most demos, it drops you in the game nothing explained or anything of the like, luckily in this case you get an option of 3...

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ah that was you who followed! I was wondering, that's good to know. I don't have a set schedule for streaming at all lol, i haven't done any in a lil while because the internet was acting up, but it seems ok so i should probably try again soon

Pokemon has been my go to series lately, so yeah i guess you could say i've been on a roll w/ it lol. and yeah avatar is risky boots, the design was from the end of Pirate's Curse if i'm remembering? or if not the end then somewhere from it
about 1 week ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I really want to get Dragon's Crown Pro... I had alot of fun with it, especially with a friend. I unlocked the platinum trophy and everything too in the PS3 version! And haha you're overestimating me there, though playing it together could be alot of fun. If I see it on sale I'm going to buy it without a second thought, probably.

Haha thanks again for wishing me a happy ring day, and yeah you are super nice, and you did it first so who's reflecting who now!? But yeah, thanks for being so patient with me and all the kind words , you're the sweetest. Also thanks so much for continuing to write this novel about nerds being nerds with me, it's been a blast.
Hmmm... I've been working on these games (is that what you meant?); Tomb Raider (done, maybe I'll trophy hunt though), and Diablo 3 (I was trophy hunting but I got tired of the eternal grinding so I took a break from it).
I started Ys Origins and made some progress, got to the 4th mayor demon boss with Yunica and I've been enjoying that alot. Though, lately I've been feeling like playing a JRPG, turn based and with a decent sized cast of characters, leaning a bit towards medieval fantasy-like but also not necessarily. All that being said, right now I'm feeling like playing Bloodborne (a game I've beaten like 50 times haha), cause I want to try out pull off a lvl1 run so I can have a Master Run to my backloggery profile! And that's me, what about you, Terra?
about 1 week ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Ohhh!! You played those mini games too? I loved them! I'd play those alot with friends and sometimes my sister, good times ^^. I got really nostalgic for Stadium since our last chat, I even tried to play it... but I couldn't find my Pokemon Stadium copy so I couldn't in the end : ( Haha you had a MissingNo? Nice.

Yoshi is great, admittedly started to like him thanks to the OG Smash and other games like Mario Party, but I really should play more of his games. Those yarn games look amazing but I think I should start with Yoshi Island (well not technically start since I did play Yoshi's story).

Phantasy Star Portable? Sounds like PSP titles haha. I do have a PSP (bought one because of Birth By Sleep), but sadly it's not in good shape and needs some fixing (I blame my "friends"!). I should get it fixed sometime, and to try and get those Phantasy Star Portable games. It honestly kinda bums me out a bit thinking about series that were as magical as they were because of the time they released on, and said magic just not being possible to replicate now. It bums me out that I missed out on Phantasy Star online. I can still try the originals though thankfully.

There's this let's play channel that I follow, and one of the channel members really loves Kirby and pretty much said exactly what you did. That Kirby is just a blissful, short, pure series that's just a joy to play and has absolutely no bad games. I really should play more Kirby games, just like Yoshi I've only played one of them, it was a game for the GBA that I really enjoyed.
Sadly Mario Tennis is another series that I have very little to no experience with. You played the Virtual Boy? Woah, I don't think I'll ever see one of those. Also that was the best 10/10 pun I've ever read.

The Gravity Rush games are such nice little gems, they're really fun! I played the Vits Version a bit, and bought and finished the Remaster. I'd love to talk about it more after you play more of them. Then we can talk about who's better Kat or Raven ^^ Nah I'm joking, both are great.

Sure, talk about Ys to me! Just recently started Ys Origin (forgot to add that to my recent Backloggery updates), and it's been really fun. I've killed like 3 mayor bosses so far and I'm right at the 4th one. I'm aware Origin is the first chronological order wise, but I have very little knowledge about the rest of the series. I just know that there's a PSP game that looks really fun and that the PS4 one is full 3D camera, also pretty fun.
about 1 week ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I get what you mean about sometimes feeling odd for enjoying grinding, because sometimes it can feel so frustrating and monotonous to do in some games. Personally, I can enjoy grinding depending of the game. Persona games for example I can enjoy grinding there, but grinding in Devil Survivor feels like a huge slog to me and it's because of that why it took me so long to finish it. Grinding aside, and speaking of Ally being slow... so you started XIII-2, right? Liking it so far? I know you initially had very little interest, have those feelings changed?

Yeah I get ya, you've probably grown attached to your theme too, besides being something alot of folks identify you with, plus it suits you. And of course it just looks cool, Nico may be a cutie but he/she doesn't have that Noctis style! Nice to know that I made you curious enough to look up who Kirigiri is haha. I similarly have grown kind of attached to my theme, plus every time my theme has received a compliment from you or other friends it just makes me want to keep it more I'm lame like that okay. Initially I changed my theme's look every now and then but I dunno now... I've considered to change it a few times though.

Ahhh Oh my god Terra you're too nice and sweet to me stop it!! Thank you so much Terra for your kind words, just wanted to say that I feel the same way and I'm happy to be able to make some of your days better. Chatting with you reminds me of how little I know about some gaming topics and it's always fun to learn something new from you, and overall just talking about the things we like is a blast. S-So yeah thank you too.

Do you know about EVO, Terra? Biggest fighting games event of the year and since its so high profile, developers attend it and reveal stuff, like new fighting games or just news for upcoming ones, or DLC. EVO just ended recently and they announced those data-mined characters for BBCTG! I think they're already out too, so you can join in the Akihiko hype anytime you wish now! So you gotta become the best Yang/Akihiko player now, you gotta. They also teased a new series joining he cross-over too.

The last week I thought alot about Pokemon, and been thinking about buying Ultra Moon quite a bit, also replaying Gen V since I love those games so much. I'm especially interested in playing Ultra Moon/Sun because I really want to fight those totem things that replace gym leaders. Another game to add to the list haha....
about 1 week ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Can't wait, also can't wait for Bloodstained, I love Miriam's design. Yeah I'll start emulating games soon too. I'll start with the Castlevania series and maybe a Pokemon game that I don't own, really been feeling like playing a Gen V game so maybe I'll emulate Pokemon White 2. And yeah I know! I really need to get started on Castlevania!
The FFXV multiplayer is some like horde mode with other players’ right? I don't remember well... Also good to hear that you're planning to play the expanded stories soon! I hope you enjoy every second ^^

Yup, just ignore that MGSV Complete Edition, it's incredibly meh for what it could've been. Having both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain in a single disc would've been great! But no, Konami's gotta Konami... I've even heard that Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain were meant to be a single game! But they had to split them apart because Konami... sigh. The sadder part is that MGS2's story is split in a similar way like MGSV is, but they didn't sell it as two individual games back then! Stupid Konami...

Yeah I've watched both of them and you're right. Foxcade did a pretty good job on explaining the behind the scenes with the developers of DmC, but didn't do as well explaining the game's actual content as HyperbitHero does in his own videos, usually. I still like them both, even if I still disagree with a couple of HyperBit's opinions (yet I've seen almost all of his videos hah).

Oh yeah for sure, the whole cross-play thing they did greatly with PS All-Stars. The fact they give you both PS3 and PS Vita versions with your purchase was amazing too, I think I gave away my Vita version as a gift to a friend. I'd like to think its lifetime sales did reach the 1M mark, hopefully! PS All-Stars did get alot of things right, which is why I enjoyed it as much as I did. Which is especially why I really want them to pick this IP back up again and try once more. And oh yeah for sure! We have to play this together sometime! And ha ha, yeaaah if there are still players out there, it's gonna be of those that never stopped playing and are at godlike levels. ^^'

Sorry, sorry Terra! Ally is a little slow you see... Glad to see that your purchase of XIII paid off and that you enjoyed it! Yup, the game has amazing visuals, they pretty much blew me away when I first saw them, and the soundtrack is amazing of course. Sometimes I really regret never finishing it. So you finished it, right? So what did you think overall?

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