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Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee
[30:29] Finally made it to Fuchsia City. | Pokédex: 67. Badges: 4. Team in comments

Updated about 5 months ago

★★★★★ Current team: Alolan Raichu Lv. 45, Victreebel Lv. 49, Lapras Lv. 39, Eevee Lv. 49, Charizard Lv. 46, Haunter Lv. 36 ------ A really well-made game so far. Yes, it's easy. Yes, it does feel a lot like GO. But it's great for what it wants to be, and everyone should at least try the game out, especially those that criticise it for shallow reasons.
Angry Birds 2
Level 911, most levels 3-starred | Diamond League | Star Rank: 55 (175/280) | Flock Power w/o event bonuses: 502 (highest rank on Red/Chuck/Stella).

Updated about 5 months ago

☆☆★★★ I’ve sorta made up with the game since I wrote my first review. There’s still cheap levels and cheatingly difficult ones mixed together, there’s still a huge luck factor involved, but something has been done about cheaters and the Daily Challenges at least. There’s still many ways (and increasingly so) for Rovio to draw gems from your pocket, but also many ways to earn gems. This has become a better game since I wrote the first review. Definitely.
Pokémon GO
Level 40, Instinct | Pokédex: 437C/446S | Buddy: Cranidos | Still don't have a good Piplup to evolve... XD | More stuff in comments

Updated about 5 months ago

★★★★★ Strongest Pokémon on my team: 1. Slaking (4390 CP), 2. Mewtwo (4136 CP), 3. Kyogre (4077 CP) 41,885,792 XP collected in total 45 medals collected: 3 bronze, 9 silver, 32 gold, one event (Safari Zone Oberhausen) 853 Gym badges, of which: 487 vanilla, 235 bronze, 102 silver, 29 gold
RES, L8 | Levelling is hard when you're in the leading faction in your region... | Started out to eventually be able to submit new portals

Updated about 5 months ago

☆★★★★ Lifetime AP: 1,274,229 Medals: 14 - of which: 10 bronze, 2 silver, 2 gold
Angry Birds Epic
[Max Level: 100] CC 24-4. What were they smoking when making CC 24?!? | 1215/1296 stars. GC Achievements: 29/37. Achievements: 1215 / 1296 (94%)

Updated about 5 months ago

☆☆☆★★ Ok the game got a little bit better with the last updates, introducing enchantment shards, mastery, more possibilities to get lucky coins etc. But repeating the exact same levels all the time to get as many snoutlings and as much mastery and as much experience as possible is a bit lame. I'd love more variation. And I'd love more pig allies for the Chronicle Caves. And less cost for those premium classes...
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
[16:43] Squirtle Lv. 21, Pikachu Lv. 17 | 62/720 Pokémon connected | Normal Rank | Chapter 13. Off I go to the Mystical Forest.

Updated about 7 months ago

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Trainer Rank: 25. Normal Stage 653. 789 Pokémon caught so far, 37 extra stages cleared. 350 'S' ranks. PokéMarathon: 34 stages.

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Happy #BayleefDay ! @ChikaPropaganda @CutePin...

Happy #BayleefDay ! @ChikaPropaganda @CutePinkYoshi and whoever else loves Bayleef :3

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about 6 months ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Ah, good to hear. And yes, EoS is absolutely worth it. That game's ending always has me tearing up, just like Mother 3. I won't say much more than that, but if a game is able to make me, who rarely feels any sort of super strong emotion from entertainment, tear up, then that is a mark of a truly wonderful game to me.
about 6 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
The difficulty is a bit weird, yeah. I remember it went up and down for the whole game, like it couldn't decide if it wanted to be an easy game or an hard one. It mostly depends by the Pokémon in the dungeon, of course, but in Gates and Explorers I barely had any problems after one specific dungeon or boss that annoyed me a lot. Maybe I didn't grind enough?
I specifically remember that boss you mentioned and his dungeon, they were the most annoying part of the game. I hate those Helioptiles that just use Discharge and can hit you from the other side of the room. My partner was Water-type and fell to critical health every time he got hit by Discharge. The other annoying parts for me were the dungeons you traverse as you're fleeing from your hometown and the Beheeyems and everything about Salamence.
You are basically supposed to bring yourself and the partner to every dungeon you enter, otherwise the parts of the story in which you're forced to use them become a living hell... not just because of what happened in the story, I mean.
I don't remember exactly what happens in the story at that point, but yeah, something bad is going to happen to them and countless other Pokémon, and if I recall correctly you're close to reaching that point.
I haven't played a Rescue Team game so I can't compare it to Super. Man, I really should buy Blue Rescue Team from eBay or something... Anyway, I do agree that Super is a bit underrated; most of the fanbase seem to not like it very much. My main gripe with the game is that it starts extremely slowly, even more so than the other games. Really wish that there were a bit less hand-holding. I'm in the huge minority, I know, but I actually really liked the Connection Orb system, and wish it returned if they'll ever make a PMD5 (I have a feeling that they won't). I prefer it to recruiting in the previous 3 games because it's not random, basically, and it's much quicker to get 700+ Pokémon with this than to recruit them in dungeons, one by one. Negative recruitment rates tick me off every time I think about them.
about 6 months ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
What's your thoughts on Super Mystery Dungeon so far? I personally have mixed feelings about it, on one hand, it's way better than Gates to Infinity. On the other hand, I didn't like it as much as Red/Blue Rescue Team or the Explorers games. I haven't really bothered with it much after my first playthrough, but since it's been a few years, I may give it a shot again eventually just to see if maybe I'd like it more now.
about 6 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Oooh, you're playing PMD4? That's a great game, let me know how you're liking it so far.
Completely unrelated, but I see Explorers of Sky in your Memory Card. You should play that game when you find free time for it. I've played through Explorers of Darkness recently and I've loved its story and characters, and Sky is basically the same game, but with better post-game, part of which isn't available in my version.
about 7 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Well, that's good news for me! My copy of Bowser's Inside Story has finally returned from borrowing hell after two and a half years! I never thought I'd ever get it back.
Gives me the chance to replay this amazing video game... one day.
about 8 months ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
I thought Angry Birds 2 would be done at Level 500 because I couldn't see more levels than that, everything after that was covered in a fog of war. Quick , I thought.
Well, I was damn wrong about that. At this point of writing, there's 1900!!! levels. And constant updates provide constant more levels. Your bird score multiplier can go up to 140 and more. I'm sitting at a laughable 15 to 25 right now. Constant updates provide constant additional bird levels. As Britains would say: it's like painting the Forth Bridge!

My criteria for mobile games state that I should complete the main objective at least once. The objective would be to clear all levels. Not going to happen in a million years. Because of that, there is no "credits" to the game either. Once you retrieve the eggs from a Boss Pig, the next one instantly takes them away again (I want cutscene gameplay!!!!1111!!!).
So, I had two choices: either make the game a , or make it a earlier than intended by myself.
Originally, at the time of its release, the game had a mere 200 levels. I've long passed this mark, which would sorta qualify for a . Also speaking for a , I've just come in 1st place in the Legendary League, the highest league that the Arena has to offer. On the other side, with the constant updates which push the true ending further and further away, a would be justified, too.

I've finally decided to make it a , despite a small stomachache doing so.
about 8 months ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Great to hear that you're doing better financially now! I have no idea what financial instability is like, because thankfully my family has never had any such problems. There was one time last year when my aunt had an AWFUL car accident and had to buy a new one, which did cost us quite a bit of money, but that didn't affect us too much. It did have quite a big effect on my anxiety for a while, though.
Your backlog plan is looking good. Hope you have fun with Let's Go! I won't be buying the game because I don't like Gen 1 very much, and I'm not a fan of removing so much content from the following generations from the game to make it more similar to the originals. If you can't decide what game to play after that, just tell me.
Holy shit, only 4-5 hours!? I've never had to sleep for that little before, I can't even imagine what the day after would be like for me. I guess I'd just sleep with my eyes open, not sure if I could even comprehend what anyone was trying to tell me. I don't want to sound like a broken record or anything, but you should get as much sleep as you can. That falling asleep in class thing happens more often to me than I'd like to admit, but it's mostly because I tend to get very bored while some professors explain stuff that I can just read and study later on the book (doesn't help that one of them has a very soothing voice).
about 8 months ago (edited)

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Focus: Only playing one game
Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about your living situation. I'm especially sorry I can't offer any advice for that matter, because I admittedly can't imagine what any sort of financial crisis must feel like. We seem to take disabilities very seriously here in the UK, so I've been having the help of disability benefits keeping us stable. Hearing other people have such less luck makes me feel so guilty for them. You're such a great friend, so I hope you can get everything sorted out quickly.

While Pokémon GO may be as physically healthy as you say, I can say with experience that focusing on or being addicted to one game for too long can be strenuous on yourself and it would probably be a good idea to let go of it immediately if you feel its hindering your productivity too much. I've been trying to cut down on Team Fortress 2 for a while to some success, though it especially helps with how infrequently the game has been updating lately. During that time I've been experimenting with things like coding and 3D modelling, which has been keeping me in a calm and healthy state of mind for the most part.
about 8 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Hey there, Yoshi friend! It's been too long. Of course, I still remember who you are; I'm happy that you haven't forgotten about me, too.
I would ask you how things have been going, but judging from your post, seems like it's been quite rough for you... One real-life tip I would give you is to not underestimate sleep. I have no idea how long you sleep, but I sleep on average 9 hours a day, which for me is just barely enough to not zone out constantly during the morning. Obviously you're better at recovering energy through sleep than I am, but still keep in mind that sleeping is important. As for gaming, if you need motivation to play, maybe a reccomendation or two if you feel like playing something but can't decide what, or anything else, message or PM me on here. I'll be glad to help with that however I can.
about 9 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
I'm back... again. I don't know for how long, but I hope to be spending some time here.

Life gets so monotonous when you're playing nothing but the same 1.5 video games. Pokémon GO is still super fun and helps me stay a bit healthier than I was pre-GO, no doubt about that. The half game is the occasional Shuffle which I almost completely lost the motivation for, the occasional Solitaire which is a repetitive game, and the occasional OpenTTD which quickly gets boring in the "sandbox" mode that I configured and which I mostly play just to feed my need for playing with trains that connect towns with names that are familiar to my eye. In other words, this half video game doesn't really keep my inner child satisfied.
I do still have a lot of unfinished and even unplayed games on this page. Thankfully, at least, the list hasn't grown since then, but it will grow with Let's Go coming up... Some of those games I've been craving to play since years.

The big issue is, my family is in dire need for money right now (the reasons and circumstances are very complicated so I'll leave these out) which heavily cuts down my free time because I actually have to work, I'm back to university again since this month which further cuts down my free time, leaving me almost only the evenings and nights (and Sundays... sometimes), at which I can hardly stay up for a long time because I've noticed that I really need the sleep or else I'm not myself on the day after and/or I oversleep.

Lately I've been looking back at the past years and all the projects I started back then and never finished, all the plans I had and never put into action, all the time I spent on cool things back then and now can't anymore, all the crazy things I did back then which I had to give up because I was told to grow up and later have been hit by the harsh reality of life actually forcing this process of growing up onto me, and I'm close to crying. I want my childhood back. I need my childhood back. Desperately. At least some of it, just so much that it doesn't have a negative impact on my current quality of life. I'm not meant to be an out and out worker.

The last time I played a video game that wasn't casual was half a year ago. This is too much of a timespan for me to bear. It's time for me to re-connect myself to my roots from which I prospered.

And thus... Yoshi is back. Yoshi has a lot to catch up with.
Once a Yoshi fan, always a Yoshi fan!