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about 5 days ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Indeed! I played it on PS4 and got the basic ending, but considering the truth behind the story doesn't come out until you've done the True Ending I've working towards that. I've been enjoying Gamepass on Xbox and this was on there so seemed like a great time to replay it, just like you said in anticipation for Nier Replicant. I loved the original Nier, so I am so hyped for the remake! I might actually get it on Xbox. I'm in love with this controller, it feels great and lasts way longer than my dualshock. The interface is so much quicker too. I never thought I would be enjoying this console this much, I've always been more of a Playstation fan but I have been exploring new stuff lately. Gamepass is also incredible, they have all of the KH games on there so I might replay them too. Just a lot of fun stuff to experience for really cheap.

Become As Gods has the DLC costumes you earn through the coliseum. The coliseum is pretty intense and you can't really do it til late game which kinda sucks you have to wait so long to use the costumes. I really want to use the replicant costume!
about 2 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Thanks a lot for your kind words, man!

I'm really grateful for this site as well. I've made so many great friends here. Just wanted to say I really appreciate you always being there, your a fantastic friend and an awesome gaming partner. Your upcoming son is lucky to have such a wonderful dad!
about 3 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Haha wow! What a coincidence. It was AoC themed but with the winter season I felt like something more fitting. I wish they would bring Wolf Link back in something else, he's such a cool looking character.

TP is fantastic, I'm really hoping for a Switch Zelda collection next year for the anniversary. That's pretty much what Mario got for his so I don't see why not. The real question is what games it will include...
about 4 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I see you've been playing Age of Calamity and Melody of Memories! How are those two? Like I mentioned before those are the two games I'm getting for Christmas. Really pumped for AoC, but I don't know much about Melody outside of the demo. Did you enjoy your time with it?

Merry Christmas! Can't wait to play MH Rise with you in March 2021. Already a lot to look forward to next year.
about 1 month ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Yes, a hundred years from now, I want people to look back and remember me for my immaculate tastes in video games. I will never understand the hate DK64 gets. It obviously has a couple things holding it back (namely, the overabundance of minigame barrels [especially Beaver Bother] and the tag barrel not being accessible from the pause menu), but there's nothing there that makes it an objectively bad game. It has just about everything a Rare platformer fan could want in a game. I mean, I sure did like it a lot more than Banjo-Tooie and its massive, overambitious, time-consuming, interconnected behemoth levels. And that game gets nothing but praise.

But then again, I have Super Mario 3D World on my list, but no Super Mario Galaxy, so what do I know?

Yeah, you play those 16 games and I'll eventually play Kingdom Hearts! I beat 1 and 2 so long ago, I actually remember very little. I've been thinking about getting back into the series with Birth by Sleep.
about 2 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Totally! and I completely agree on that.

BBS is absolutely the funnest, gameplay wise! Especially since you've got three characters with different fighting styles too! Even though I hadn't gotten too far this game, it will probably end up being my favorite to play too. Thanks man! I will definitely need it.

I am just, mesmerized by the redone animations and characterization in the remake, lmao. Yeah, I totally played all three of the originals when I was a kid! Spyro was one of the games I used to play the most. The trilogy is definitely amazing so far, and I'm really excited to see how the other two game are/look!

I've never heard of Octopath Traveler, but searching it up I was sold at both RPG and collaboration with Square Enix SNORT. Thankyou so much!
about 2 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Unite in fans of the best game series out there. I am honored for the add back, fellow backlogger -solutes-. Couldn't resist added you for the same reasons! Love your theme as well.

Oh no! You said the KH word around me. You will have to suffer the consequences of my block of text now. There is no escape! I am very ashamed I hadn't beaten all the KH games at this point, since it's my ultimate favorite series (along with Shovel Knight recently added to this, haha). I was doing a hardest dificulty marathon right after my hype for finishing KH3, but I got stuck on Captain Hook in BBS, haha! No idea why I did this to myself since I'm far from a good gamer, but it's really fun to make full use of the magic, upgrades and combos in the later difficulties. I'm also a little sore from getting my butt handed to me from a certain one winged angel in KH2. I'll get my revenge on you one of these days, and the sentient piece of armor I still have yet to fight but I already know I'll get obliterated, snort.

I really do need to get back to my marathon! I might have to pick it up again soon. Thanks for the extra push and helping me decide my next game series to tackle!
about 2 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Very cool man! Yeah, I'm definitely getting Melody of Memory. Wasn't sure at first until I tried the demo and then I was sold just like that, KH is just way too nostalgic for me not to enjoy it. Especially the music! I always really enjoyed Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, so I should of known all long that it would appeal to me. The extra stuff in Melody of Memory about the story is a huge incentive too, finally we can learn more about KH3's ending! Perhaps it might get me to go back to Re:MIND and complete all those data battles and run the game on Critical, my wife and daughter love watching me play Kingdom Hearts, afterall.

I will probably have to wait til Christmas to get it, though. I'm asking for Age of Calamity and Melody of Memory, should be able to get those two at least so both will be great games to play over the Christmas break. CAN'T WAIT! It's been hard waiting, but I'm learned to be patient with it and enjoy it when the time comes. Same with a PS5 and Demon's Souls, oh man what I would give to play that right now but I'll get it eventually I'm sure and will enjoy it all the same! The baby keeps me quite busy these days.