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Hanaby the Witch
Round 2, World 1. 12/15 (?) fireworks, max heart capacity, 290/300 star capacity. Achievements: 2 / 7 (29%)

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☆★★★★ [2020: 12th new, 15th beaten] An improvement on Ameagari in nearly every way. The platforming's a touch more difficult, it requires a lot less money grinding for 100%, worlds are larger and more fleshed out, boss fights are improved, and the story is more interesting (while still being light and fun). It's still got some residual problems from the first game though -- Hanaby's a little too floaty at times, and some of the worlds are too short.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
[Lv 63, ~51:30, Normal] Chapter 9, World Tree

Updated about 20 hours ago

I love the story and the setting. I don't like the characters quite as much as in Xenoblade 1, but I'm still invested in them. The combat's good too, although I wish you had a little more control over your AI teammates (goddamn it, Nia, heal me!).
Normal Mode 2-ALL (Type B). Highest Light Mode grade: A (Type B), B+ (Type C) Achievements: 1 / 1 (100%)

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☆★★★★ [2019: 1st beaten, 2nd completed, 1st mastered] This game is AMAZING. While it's a love letter to shmups, it doesn't rely too heavily on its references, being a great game in its own right. The game advertises itself as only having 4 stages, but don't be fooled -- it's a lot deeper than you'd think.
Final Fantasy V Advance
[Four Job Fiesta: Knight/Time Mage/Chemist/Monk] World 2, Castle of Bal. Bosses left until fifth job: 4

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★★★★★ [2016: 49th beaten] [2019: 4th completed, 2nd mastered] It's sort of an odd duck between 4 and 6 -- not only because it was originally Japan-only, but also because there's much less emphasis on story than those two. But what it lacks in storytelling, it makes up for in a super fun job system that rewards experimenting with different party structures and is surprisingly challenge run-friendly. Don't skip it just because it's not as popular as 4/6 or you'll miss out.

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about 16 hours ago (edited)

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Message 2.

By the way, it's refreshing to see someone's Twitter not filled with politics I feel like the society is extremely politicized in USA and even Europe and people forget how to enjoy things, constantly look for some "justified" reasons to hate/adore one thing or another and it's just a little sad. I ignore any kind of social media for this reason because it's always the same thing there. And if you just talk about the things you like - it's just listening to your own echo.

You're playing FF V now? I love the story in it. Watched the cutscene on Youtube and a lot of the things were so impressively written! They definitely need to remake V at some point. Maybe with Octopath Traveler graphics?

Oh, and I saw Pokemon Let's Go in your wishlistr... honesltly, just play Sword/Shield and get the Expansion Pass instaed I played Let's Go and it's okay, a good game but a little dated compared to Sword/Shield. I think they made Let's Go just because they had to make a Pokemon game to sell Switch consoles.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I saw your entry for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Have you tried focusing on crafting, fishing and gathering classes instead of fighting? I personally got pretty tired with the combat quickly but when I realized how much fun and how in depth the crafting, exploration and gathering are... I pretty much just did nothing but that Square Enix should pay me for all the mining and crafting I've done in this game And there's always the little goals they give you with "dailies" and beast tribes.
I also heard that the story gets very good in DLC so I urge you to get them :3 I liked the main story a lot but apparently it gets even better :O The only thing I truly hated were the 100 quests they've added with patches. If you haven't reached credits, basically... you finish the story, credits roll and you cannot start the DLC until you finish 100 quests they've added with updates. It would have been ok (free content, right?) if those quests weren't boring Some are ok but it feels like totally different writers made those 100 quests and at some point I just started mercilessly skipping cut-scenes and all dialogue when I enjoyed all of the quests (even side) and dialogue in Realm Reborn.

Either way, I do recommend you to pick up DLC. We could paly together, too. I haven't started the DLC yet.

Oh, and they have a DQ X collaboration event now, it's pretty good
about 16 hours ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
There is a huge difference and they are nothing alike. I'm not very excited about changes to the combat, I actually liked Replicant fighting more than Automata (not that Automata is bad). It would be interesting if they had tried to make it similar to FF VII Remake combat since it does fit NieR, and especially Replicant.

They're considering but it has been just considering for years And they actually had an offline version which would let people play solo and fans were translating that... just to have everything be broken when Square Enix removed the offline version because it was too much work for them. Same with one of the DQ Monsters games on 3DS which fans attempted to translate but couldn't because the game wouldn't work with English letters. It's so silly, people are ready to translate this stuff for free and these companies keep ignoring that

Open world requires you to be into the game's story and characters and to be patient. I tried Assassin's Creed Odyssey a few times and often the open world would feel strange to me and I would turn it off without giving a proper chance. Then I sat down and played it for a long time and it became my favorite AC game, even though the open-world in it is far from perfect. But when you let it sink in - it works. I believe that any game, even the most poorly made can be enjoyed. Which is why I try to always double-check and make sure I want to play something and spend hours in it

That and balance. I probably would get tired of open-world if I'd be playing these open games in a row @__@

Maybe you need to brush your backlog a bit? Remove something? I constantly look over mine and if something doesn't excite me, I say goodbye to it @_@

50 hours and 85% completion? That's strange First one took me a lot of time. Oh well!

There were reports about Bully 2 but I personally never liked Bully 1, so I don't know... it's also very risky to make this kind of game now but then again, it's Rockstar, they like to do risky ideas.

Thanks, yeah I love Ace Attorney <3
Do you like any other visual novels? I've attempted playing some and usually I loose my interest x___x I guess I could do like one-two hours of vn gameplay and then play something else with more action but yeah, I'm usually not very into visual novels. SteinsGate is one I couldn't get into, Yu-No seemed interesting but main character was... I'm waiting for ChaosHead translation
about 2 days ago (edited)

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Yeah, it's a really good pillow. The image is printed (applied?) in a very good way and does not come off. I actually woke up next to that face a few times and uh... my screams could be heard across the street

Wait for NieR Replicant remaster/remake they announced. I feel like the Replicant's story of Emil and Japanese voice acting makes his story much more emotional and tragic, especially the little things that change because of a different main character... but I won't spoil it. They're very subtle but I think you will notice.
I'm so happy about the remake news. I mean, Square Enix remasters things all the time but they actually announced what seems like a remake, and of Replicant! This also gave me a little bit of hope towards Dragon Quest X localization but.. Do you think they'll end up porting DQ X to PS5 at some point? And maybe make an offline version finally??

The weather in RDR 2 was especially great. That last story-related city where things happen... so good! It felt like playing Skyrim all over again. And the snow... goodness! I was growing out the
mustache for him for the most part haha )) What you see on the screenshot is an early version, later on he had more mustashe, the fine gentleman that he is
Did you do the romance story-line with Arthur and that woman?

I want to 100% it, too. Combat is great. Not sure why but I always liked the revolvers, those old slow rifles and such (in games)...
I played so much of RDR 1 back in the day, even got all trophies except the online ones. I lived in the village then and my Xbox 360 was yohoho (there was no way for me to afford licensed games, they're too expensive in my origin country but I'm in USA for now..) so I could not play online. It was a bit of a bummer for me and I kept trying to play various games online just to face defeat
The only issue I have with the game is I feel like the first game had better enemy camps and more missions of "dead or alive" where you capture bandits and bring them back for a reward. I just feel like there was much more of it but might be wrong. That and mini-games. What do you think?

I agree, it'd be fun to see an interesting female main character for a change. I have faith in Rockstar and I'm sure they'll do it right. Looks like we'll have to wait with their next game, though. "GTA V For PS5". And they said it'll have some new features? I wish they'd focus on something new instead.

Thanks. ))
about 3 days ago (edited)

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
I checked your Twitter (despite disliking the platform) and noticed your post about that Emil head pillow. Did you end up ordering it? I've had it myself and it's a fine pillow. Felt a little weird to sit on it but Emil probably didn't mind.

I like your 2019 summary message. I'm thinking of doing these summaries every 6 months or even every 3 months, not sure...
Red Dead Redemption 2 is fantastic. I was quite worried about the new main hero when I first saw the game but wow... And the ability to shave and change haircuts is also a great way to make the character feel close to you. Here's how I had my Arthur for the most of the game.
The level of detail they were able to achieve in this game and all the ecosystems of the game that live on their own... I have no idea how they'll top it with their next game.

Do you think they'll want to do a female protagonist in GTA VI? There's quite a few female GTA players, especially nowadays, so I think that would make sense. Or a couple of male and female, that'd be unique.

And I agree about Super Mario Maker 2. It's always great to see games that encourage creativity. This needs to be a permanent franchise for Nintendo.
about 3 months ago

Herald of Bak'laag: 500+ unfinished games
Catherine is an easy game, what're you talking about? It's not like the west got a new very easy mode when it originally came out. It's gonna be a cakewalk. No worries.
about 6 months ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Hey wow it's a new decade! Happy 2020, friends!!

You like end-of-year backlog stats? We've got end-of-year backlog stats right here: [Link] Biggest takeaways are that I beat/complete fewer games this year (life got in the way), but also purchased fewer games than last year. It's also the first year in a long time I'm starting with under 100 , so things are looking up!

Putting together a top ten list this year was tough -- I had to exclude stuff like Majora's Mask 3D, Yakuza Kiwami 2, and Detroit: Become Human, all games I loved -- but here's what I settled on.

10. Final Fantasy IX (Steam)
9. Astral Chain (Switch)
8. Return of the Obra Dinn (Steam)
7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)
6. ZeroRanger (Steam)
5. Celeste (Switch)
4. Valkyria Chronicles 4 (PS4)

🥉 3. Mother 3 (GBA)
Mother 3 had the biggest emotional effect on me of any game this year, made especially impressive by the fact that it's on the GBA. It's a contender for best RPG on the system, and I prefer it to Earthbound mainly because of its more focused story and more fun battle system.

🥈 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
Oh man, Red Dead 2. While it didn't have quite the same effect on me as playing RDR1 back in the day, I still was fully invested throughout the entire story. It's AAA gaming at its finest and proof that Rockstar hasn't run out of steam yet.

🥇 Game of the Year: Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch)
Picking my top two games of the year was easy, but figuring out which to put in the number-one slot was way harder. In the end I picked Mario Maker 2 because while RDR2 is the most well-made game I played this year, SMM2 is just more fun. It's the epitome of a desert island game, something I can play every single day and have a different experience every time. It ain't perfect -- online multiplayer has some of the worst lag I've seen in any Nintendo game -- but somehow I've put 140 hours into this in six months and have no sign of stopping anytime soon.

🎵 Soundtrack of the Year: A Hat in Time (Steam)

So that's it for 2019! My only major goal for '20 is I'd like to hit under 10% , which is definitely possible if I can avoid buying a lot of new games, which I can totally do! Probably. Maybe.
about 11 months ago

Backlog Beaten: July 24, 2019
Legendary Weapon: 5 or fewer unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Focus: Only playing one game
Thanks! Well, the only difficult part is to resist buying new games. You seem to finish quite a lot of games on average. I’m positive that if you set your mind to it, you can get it done in 4-5 years.

Did you have a good time with A Hat in Time, now that you’ve finished it?
A bright future awaits you now. Go, and enjoy all the World has to offer.