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Disgaea 5 Complete
Haven't played this series in forrrever, time to work off the rust

Updated about 3 days ago

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Updated about 2 months ago

Monster Hunter XX JPN
G4 ~ I still hate Hypers

Updated about 3 months ago    |    Online Info 3540-3514-3059

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
92 h ~ Postgame, Dragovian Sanctuary

Updated about 3 months ago

★★★★★ Definitely one of my favorite RPGs, and games in general. The improved load times and additional content, not to forget the portability, are surely reasons for any diehard fan of the original to give this one a shot.
Blaster Master Zero

Updated about 4 months ago

Monster Hunter Generations
368 hours ~ HR197 ~ Trying out the things Achievements: 60 / 100 (60%)

Updated about 4 months ago    |    Online Info 3540-3514-3059

☆★★★★ Monster Hunter Generations is very much an experimental game. The Hunting Styles are an addition I don't really need, but one that adds even more options for players. While I believe the flashy effects have no place in this series, the basic gameplay is still solid. Just wish that we could return towards the roots a bit more, forgoing mounting and whatnot.

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about 2 months ago

hi, dragon quest VIII 3ds doesn't have a low quality about the graphic?

i don't know if i will play the ps3 version or the 3ds version (when i have a 3ds)
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