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about 2 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
She's my favorite, too!! Garnet and Ashe from XII are my favorite FF heroines, period. Garnet was such a unique female lead, and had such great character growth all throughout IX, I think. Zidane's a lucky guy.
about 2 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
The amount of cheese in Devil May Cry 3 is unholy

To be honest, the beginning didn't really grasp me. The level design is pretty cool with the gothic architecture and such, but I don't expect they're going to build the story and lore much. Like clearly it's gameplay over plot.


Melee with polearms sounds like a cool build. I've always wanted to play something like that, but it seems like so few RPGs include spears as a weapon. So I think I'll choose that for my character as well, keeping Cleric for a second run. The games seem fun to replay anyway.


I totally agree with the school headmaster guy being an utterly pointless character. You could see his twist coming from pretty much day 1 and when it had no actual impact on the story it was just really disappointing. I had less of a problem with Strega than you did, though I probably would have liked them better if they weren't such blatant stereotypes. There is some explanation for Ryuji, but his character would have been more interesting if he had made the scene earlier I think. They would have had more time to build him up. But yeah man, I can't deny Persona 3 has its problems and there are plenty of reasons to dislike it.

I've been trying out the Answer which is some extra content in FES. It started off pretty interesting, but it's kind of a grind-fest now with only little fragments of story in between.