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Pokémon Sun
Off to Po Town on Ula'Ula Island

Updated about 6 days ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Currently (stuck) on Chapter 10 - time for some missions...

Updated about 6 days ago

LEGO City Undercover
Credits rolled, onto collecting - currently at 82%

Updated about 6 days ago

Theme Park World
Two parks open, the nostalgia is strong with this one

Updated about 3 weeks ago

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Year 2 - note to self: first streams are Fire and Water

Updated about 4 weeks ago

Final Fantasy XIII
Chapter 2 - The Pulse Vestige

Updated about 1 month ago

Rise of Empires: Rise of Legends
Mine Again mission completed (4 done in total)

Updated about 2 months ago

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie
Stuck at Moonmirror Tower - those Shadows are a real pain

Updated about 2 months ago

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Currently in World 3, and opening some secret doors in World 1

Updated about 2 months ago

Hyrule Warriors Legends
Grand Finale completed, onto Cia's Tale

Updated about 3 months ago

Pokémon Blue Version
About to head to Vermllion City Gyn

Updated about 4 months ago


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Game Boy/Color 8 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 8 Total
Game Boy 10 (U) 2 (B) 3 (C) 18 Total
PlayStation 3 2 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 3 Total
PlayStation 2 7 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 8 Total
PlayStation 8 (U) 1 (B) 1 (C) 10 Total
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about 2 years ago (edited)

Backlog Beaten: October 2, 2006
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
I think that's a totally valid way to approach things, though it might get a bit confusing when you try to remember what system(s) you have access to each game on.

In the site remake, I'm planning to make the Original System field more meaningful, so you could pull up all your "SNES" games regardless of what platform you own them on by sorting by Original System. And System would just denote what hardware you're using to actually play it on. (And services like Virtual Console, Steam, PSN, etc would be moved to a different field entirely.)
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